Investment Projects and Property Deals

The Company is working successfully and has closed a vast number of Property deals within the 7 years of being in operation.

Strategic Planning and Corporate Policy

Based on the Analysis we prepare a Marketing plan which is including all the segments: Marketing, Financing and full range of services which we provide when closing any deal or implementing any Project. The Team of “Corporative Policy” provides effective work and due diligence /where required/ for Fox Estates and/or any Client of ours.

Market analysis and valuations

A process which provides the parameters of our aim. The Team of Analysts and Marketing Experts are working tirelessly for each particular Property and/or Investment opportunity in regards to offering tailor-made solutions with relevant Business plans.

Innovative Marketing

We are working with proven Leaders on the Advertising Market. Not only Online Marketing but all instruments and Platforms are used to achieve the aims of Property deals or Project implementations. We are already well-known as a result of our Advertising Campaign in Bulgarian Medias – series of Article publications, Interviews with Experts from Fox Estate BG.