About Us


  • Business Brokerage Group Fox Estates Bulgaria Ltd. has been operating for over 7 years in the field of Real Estate and Project Investment.
  • The Projects we have in our Portfolio are based on effective Marketing solutions and the work of our Research Department.
  • The success of the Company is based on the Expert Analysis and its implementation in all Property deals and Investment Projects we worked on.
  • Part of the Marketing Strategy of Fox Estates Bulgaria is the Partnership amongst Bulgarian and foreign Investors.
  • The Fox Estates Clients’ and Business Partners’ List has been expanded through the years by adding new Investors from High profile businesses from both Bulgaria and abroad. Construction companies, Private Investors, Production companies, Banks and many satisfied Retail Clients are on this List.
  • Within this period of operation for over 7 years Fox Estates, in collaboration with BNRG Ireland, has successfully fulfilled large Projects in the field of Renewable Energy on the territory of Bulgaria, achieving profitability and notable yield.
  • PROFINANCE Ltd., part of the Business Brokerage Group Fox Estates Bulgaria is operating with success by servicing Investment and re-Investment instruments mainly in the Realty Sector.
  • We are among the very few Companies who, in a period of Economic Crises and difficult Real Estate Market, globally, in 2013 achieved an annual net profit of 1million BGN.